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I would like to give you some information about this website, just to let you know what it is about and what or who it is for. This website is provided for people from Poland who are going to arrive in Northampton and for those who are already living here. That's why I have called it "Polak w Northampton", which means "A Pole in Northampton".

My name is Pawel. I'm one of them - I've been in Northampton for more than one year. I remember my first days and weeks here. It wasn't easy to sort out such things as: accommodation, job, National Insurance Number, Council Tax, etc. Looking for a decent house, well-paid job and obtaining all necessary documents.

On my website people can find a lot of such information. Most of them are just the answers for frequently asked questions, such as: How can you pay Council Tax? What do you need to rent a flat from an estate agency? How to get National Insurance Number and what is it for? In addition, you can read about public transport, shopping, history of Northampton, ESOL classes, etc.

How many Polish clients/customers do you have every day?
How much time do you spend to answer the same questions again and again?
Do you want to find a way to promote the services which you provide?
Do you have just a few of Polish customers or none?
You have thousands of Polish people and thousands of chances to reach them - via my website.

Banners, sponsored texts, small research, leaflets and many others - please choose what suits you best!
If you think you have something interesting and important to offer a growing community of Poles in Northampton, please do not hesitate to contact me .

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